About Us

Eden Cooper is a new independent ethical publishing house, based in Edinburgh, founded by author Janey Louise Jones. 

A highly successful author, one of Janey's dreams has been to run her own small publishing house, so in the summer of 2018 she founded Eden Cooper. To begin with, she is launching a new rebranded Princess Poppy series, but she has plans to publish many more books, diverse in style, in the future.

For Janey, it's an opportunity to create quality books in the most ethical way, celebrating the intrinsic beauty of books, with the finest paper, ink and ethical practice. As we move ever more into a technological world, Janey is convinced that creating irresistibly exquisite books is the way forward.

Meet The Team

Janey Louise Jones

Founder, Publisher and Author

Janey was a dreamy and bookish child, always scribbling stories in lined jotters and re-reading Jane Eyre, who went on to study English at Edinburgh University, gaining an MA Honours degree there. 

After qualifying as a secondary school teacher of English, Janey spread her love of literature to teenagers across the city of Edinburgh. At least, that's her recollection of that period!

With the addition to her life of three rugby-tackling boisterous boys, Janey went back to a recurring childhood book idea, a character, an alter ego perhaps: Princess Poppy. An imperfect girl with a big heart who longs to be thought of as a princess of sorts. 

This character jumped off the page and the Princess Poppy books have never been out of print in fifteen years.

Janey is only really good at arranging words, but likes to arrange flowers too, and she cooks a bit in an average way but with lots of love for her family. She loves beaches, meadows, riverbanks and enchanted forests. A central concern in her life is bees. Honey and wildflowers have featured in her stories from day one. Her farming father introduced her to nature. The East Lothian countryside around her home, which meets the rugged coastline, comforts and inspires her. 

Work is play and play is work for Janey, and days spent blissfully exploring with her golden labrador, Buddy, are always a mix of the two.

Stephanie Stahl

Editorial Direction and Editing

Stephanie has an MA degree in Comparative Literature from University College London. One summer’s day, she fell into the magical world of children’s publishing and has never looked back since! She has worked for Penguin Random House, Macmillan Children’s Books, Little Tiger Press, Hachette Children’s Books and Usborne Publishing to name a few.

She loves dreaming up new stories and editing above everything else, but when she is not at her desk, she can usually be spotted at a ballet class or reading in the park. She likes travelling and discovering exciting new places… Well, almost as exciting as the places in the books she edits! She lives in North London but grew up by the seaside so regular trips to the beach are a must. She also enjoys going for long strolls and being a healthy bee, just like Princess Poppy!

Rachel Lawston

Art Direction and Design

Rachel graduated in Graphic Design Communications, from the University of Creative Arts. Upon graduating, she was invited to present her work at the D&AD New Blood Exhibition. Since then she has worked with with Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Scholastic Children's Books, and Walker Books to name a few. She has also volunteered and worked for several charities that are close to her heart. 

She is a keen birdwatcher and volunteers as an education volunteer at WWT London Wetland Centre. She loves walking too and often climbs mountains and volcanoes when on holiday. When not on holiday, she makes do with evening strolls with her husband in her local park to see bats and owls. She once spotted a hedgehog having an evening snack there too.

She lives in London, with her husband Paul, her cat Moriarty, and her two tortoises Om and Daenerys. Her biggest hope is that one day she may manage to sneak them into various Princess Poppy books...

Jennie Poh


Jennie was born in London and spent her formative years in Malaysia. Upon returning to the UK the Norfolk countryside, conservation and nature heavily influenced her work. Jennie studied Fine Art at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. Artist by day and Witch by night (a good one though!)

She now lives in Surrey with her two daughters and two marmalade kittens.  

Paul Lawston

Environmental Education Consultant

Paul studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and a PGCE at Kings College London. He is a lifelong lover of the natural world and is an experienced educator having worked for several major museums and environmental charities based in London and Bristol. He is currently based in South West London where he lives with his wife, Rachel, their very silly cat and two lovely tortoises. When not trying to inspire the next generation of conservationists he is often to be found in the park searching for bats or confusing the neighbours with his astronomical telescope.

Hugh Dignon

Advice and suggestions

Head of Wildlife and Biodiversity Unit, Scottish Government